Who We Are

As Westerners, we value our outdoor lifestyle. Our freedom to access lands and water – and the special animals within them – is a central piece of our Rocky Mountain heritage. This place is our common treasure.

Though we come from many different paths, we find ourselves seeking a new, shared direction forward. We are hunters, anglers, hikers, rafters, riders, and campers. We are voters, students, writers, parents, business owners, and engaged, informed community members.

And here we converge: we respect that wild animals are a critical part of our Western landscape. For our outdoor way of life to endure for generations to come, we need thriving, healthy wildlife populations – from the tiniest pikas to the burliest grizzly bears.

We must forge a new path ahead for grizzly bears; their fate hangs in the balance. Humans and bears must find a way to coexist in the Rocky Mountain West, and the journey towards better management and policies must be transparent. Together, we’re seeking a new bearing to guide our communities and conversations – one that is not undermined by politics, misunderstanding, and fear.

Grizzlies are a special part of our collective Western heritage and we want to ensure that they’re part of our shared future. That’s why we want Bear Tracks to be the True North – the beacon lighting the best path forward for bears and people to thrive in the West.